5 Steps To Activate Your Superpower – How To Improve Yourself

by Xilla Valentine
Xilla Valentine Superpower

There’s a lot of talk of superpowers being delivered on December 21st. So, I’m here to tell you how to unlock the superpower you already have. Before we start let me explain why people are talking about getting a superpower today. There is a quote going around on Twitter saying, “on December 21 our Real DNA will be unlocked and the majority will be able to do things that we thought were fiction.”

This date also coincides with an astrological event that hasn’t happened in 800 years, called The Great Conjunction. That’s when Jupiter and Saturn will be right next to each other in the evening sky, Nasa explained. So when the planets are aligned, it couldn’t hurt to set big goals and commit to your goals 100%. Using a formula that’s been around since the beginning of time you can unlock your true superpower.

Step 1: Set A Goal and Commit 100%

James Allen, wrote, “In the highest vision of your soul a waking angel stirs,” when you set big goals. Around 15 years ago I started blogging every day on Myspace. I made a commitment that no matter what, I would write a blog every day. When you commit 100% you remove every excuse from the equation. Hence, you get the job done, regardless of what’s in your way. That’s a superpower. Extreme dedication. I’m a fan of the show Survivor. During one of the challenges, a contestant named Boston Rob fell and busted his elbow really bad. Therefore, he had no chance of winning,  but he finished the grueling task of walking around the entire island collecting coconuts, 1 by 1.

Just like Boston Rob, I kept going – no matter the circumstances. When my apartment burned down, I went to Rita’s Ice and blogged about it, immediately after seeing all of my stuff was ruined. The next day, I returned to the ice cream shop with free wifi and blogged there the entire day. It was my office. After hearing about everything I did to continue blogging daily, I landed my dream job, writing for a major publication.

Step 2: Nothing Is Holding You Back

Someone emailed DadXilla, stating that his biggest struggle as a father is balancing career ambition and family. Your circumstances might be terrible at the moment. But, if you set a goal and strive to reach it, your situation will not remain the same. Also, remember there are billionaires who started from a lower position than you’re at now. That’s hope. You just need to activate your superpower. Complex Magazine called Jordan Peele a “cornball” before they called him a “modern-day Hitchcock.” Through arduous work, he changed the narrative, to go from a Chappelle Show ripoff to one of the greatest cinematic minds in the business.



Step 3: Plan. Plan. Plan.

You cannot win without a plan. A lot of people set goals but fail to create a detailed plan on how to accomplish them.  That’s like making dinner without ingredients, you’re going to be hungry. Create a plan to overcome your obstacles and follow it. If your plan is not helping you reach your goal – don’t abandon the plan. You’ve committed 100%, simply adjust your process. Set goals so big that you have to plan. This way, you have to be brave enough to temp things that might not work in order to be bigger than you’ve ever been. Benjamin Hardy created a great guide on how to create a wealth vision that you can apply to activate your superpower.

Step 4: Remember You Control The Outcome

One of my favorite movies is The Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington and Jurnee Smollett. In the film, they introduce a concept that no one can stop you.

Henry Lowe: Who is the judge?
James Farmer Jr.: The judge is God.
Henry Lowe:And why is he, God?
James Farmer Jr.: Because, he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent.
Henry Lowe: And who is your opponent?
James Farmer Jr.: He doesn’t exist.
Henry Lowe: And why doesn’t he exist?
James Farmer Jr.: Because he is a dissenting voice to the truth I speak.
A lot of times when we start to follow a dream or set a goal our friends and family will talk us out of it. Attempting to block our superpower. But, we cannot allow the opinions of flawed people to block us from our blessing. In As A Man Thinketh, Allen introduces the following idea. He says, no matter the position your start from – you will rise, remain, or fall based on the work you put in. You will receive what you earn – nothing more: nothing less. That means your success or failure is all on you. As a result, you’re the only person in the way of your superpower. I like those odds.
Step 5: Be Great and Do It For Yourself

Every great achievement started as a dream. The plane, the telephone, and the internet were just ideas, first. Just like the idea that you set a goal to achieve. So, the key to activate your superpower is to do it for you. At first, people might not respond right away. The fact is, people will not see all the things you do to reach your goals. Keep in mind – they think someone snaps their fingers to “make” the next great thing. They cannot fathom the arduous work that needs to be done to achieve big goals. Therefore, you must act accordingly when they don’t support your efforts at first. Or when they brush off your accomplishments as luck. Do it for yourself.

If you do all 5 steps you will truly unlock your superpower by achieving your big goals – all by yourself. What is the big goal you’re going to achieve in 2021?

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