4 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Love Life In Lockdown

by Xilla Valentine
Improve Your Love Life In Lockdown

How To Improve Your Love Life In Lockdown

After almost a year of lockdown due to COVID-19 – love and family life have changed. Relationships are strained, people are stressed out, and friendships are eroding. Still, there is a way to improve your life so your relationships can thrive. In this blog, I’ll give you 4 simple hacks to improve your love life in lockdown.

Isolation can have a significant impact on your mental health. As a result, dating can become difficult. Not to mention, keeping a happy home will be equally as hard.  People have dealt with a mixture of stress, loss of income and anxiety – all of that can play a factor in our love life if we are not intentional with our actions. Despite those factors, it’s still possible to make things better. According to a study by the European Journal of OG 34% of women said their relationships improved during the lockdown. How?

When the pandemic popped up in 2020, it started playing musical chairs with our routines. Parents found themselves in lockdown with their kids and out of jobs. Couples had to shack up out of convenience and singles found themselves risking Covid for some action. It’s for these reasons many love lives have taken a hit. Clinical psychologist-sexologist, Marieke Dewitte believes that the stress we face during a lockdown can distract attention from sexually intimate cues, lowering sexual arousal, and cause genital pain or erectile dysfunction. The lockdown has thrown off self-care routines to the point where many people feel less attractive.

It’s time to get innovative using these 4 simple hacks to improve your love life in lockdown.


Before Covid, my girl and I had a strong core of restaurants we would frequent. Every weekend we would try a new spot on Eater’s Best Restaurants In Atlanta list. Our favorite was the one where a friend of mine was a top chef. Chef Cam took us on a culinary journey with dishes ranging from roasted rabbit to Peruvian white beans and stuffed crab, but I digress. Since then we moved to New York where a lot of stuff is locked down and bringing a newborn is not an option for us. So we had to find other things to be our thing. So I hacked our love life by actively adding actions that require us to do them together. Here’s what we do.

These activities should give you an idea of things you can use to hack your love life. The goal is to do them together and add a routine to life in lockdown that eases the stress to help you get into the mood.


I am a big proponent of leaving the problems of work at the office and not bringing them home, but what happens when the office is home? That’s when being thoughtful comes into play. We don’t know what anyone else is going through – even if they live with us. So take that into consideration before you lash out at your kids or spouse. Mark Sanborn says in order to be a thoughtful person you should do the following 6 things.

  • Slow Down
  • Give someone to benefit fo the doubt
  • Dig deeper
  • Express empathy
  • Act Accordingly
  • Check back in with them

Your love life will suffer if your partner isn’t feeling sexy – has been cramped up in the house all day, and has to deal with kids or work. Being thoughtful can go a long way towards relieving the stress and getting some sparks to fly.


If you want more sex – increase the amount of intimacy in your relationship. Dr. Lauren Walker is a clinical psychologist who has been discussing with her clients how to ask for alone time for intimate activities – Solo and together. Life during the COVID-19 era is filled with libido killers so increasing intimacy outside of penetration can be efficacious towards eliminating stress while creating a road towards intercourse.

Improve Your Love Life In Lockdown

Photo by Xilla Valentine

A sensual bath goes a long way. Go to your local Whole Foods purchase some flowers, herbal bath tea, and a bottle of wine. Light some candles and tend to the kids while your significant other escapes in the tub for a while. Additionally, you can also give a massage or schedule some phone-free time for adult conversation.

Switching things up can also hack your love life. Equally Important, Dr. Walker also suggests that foreplay can be the main event. She believes, “We’ve done a disservice as a culture suggesting that penetrative intercourse is an accomplishment – the be-all and end-all – and that everything else is just paving the way there. Consider that foreplay might be the best part for vulva owners and therefore not a prelude to anything!”


Being in lockdown with your family or roommates has cause people to get adventurous. Therefore, creating opportunities for growth in their sexual appetites. Now is the time to

  • Recommend something different in the bedroom.
  • Explore different times and places for adult activities.
  • Bring in props
  • Focus on yourself

After a year without concerts, movie theaters, or the ability to breathe unflitered air most people are open to something new. Adding adventure can make you feel like a teenager again when you had to sneak to thing anything. The bottom line is to get creative, explore new things, and hack your love life in order to re-energize things in your home.

What are ways you’ve been spicing things up during lockdown? 



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