Maxton’s First Time Outside – With The Canon AE-1 Program

by Xilla Valentine
Maxton Bruin

Having a baby at height of the second wave of a pandemic changes the game. Things that have become a tradition after having a kid simply is not an option anymore. For instance, my mother hasn’t held my son yet. The man who raised me never got to meet him because he was hospitalized shortly after Maxton was born. Then he died a month into my son’s life, unfortunately. We are overly cautious, I know, but I’m also not going to change that. However, after a snowstorm that dropped over two feet of snow — we had a warm day in the mid-40s. So Maximum Mom and I decided to take our son outside for the first time and I took some photographs on a Canon AE-1 Program.

She put Maxton Bruin into his blue bear fleece onesie, Kith beanie, and we headed out the door to a park near our home. It was a pleasant reward — especially after spending almost an hour putting together this Graco stroller without an instruction manual. Since I brought my vintage Canon AE-1 Program film camera along with us to capture some photographs – I was excited. Photography has been a hobby I’ve fallen in love with over the years. These were all shot on film. I hope you enjoy these photographs from Maxton’s first time outside.

Maxton's First Time Outside

Here is Maxton’s mom pushing him in his Graco Stroller. Sidenote I struggled a little bit putting this together without instructions, but I think I did a good job. I do recommend this stroller – which is also our car seat. Side note, it did come with instructions, I just lost them.

Maxton's Snowman

Shot on The Canon AE1-Program

We saw this awesome snowman that someone molded from the snow that fell earlier. It had a Hot Wheel track for his nose. Which I thought was cool.

Maxton's Mother

Maxton’s Mom rocking her Opening Ceremony Jacket

The Boathouse Cafe off in a distance.

Maxton Bruin

Maxton slept the whole trip around the park.

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