On The Journey Is Where You’ll Find Your Purpose

by Xilla Valentine

Red Jeep // Purpose is your vehicle

Are you lost, confused, and not sure of your purpose? If so, this blog is about how to find your purpose.  The best part of life has always been the journey, not the destination. Think back to car trips you took when you were a kid. Mine felt like they took forever. There were times when I remember my mom or stepdad stopping to ask for directions. Right after those moments when you got a PPV show from the backseat as your parents argued about making a right turn at Albuquerque. Travel before GPS was a doozy. Granted, the feeling of powdered sugar from a funnel cake caressing on your face during the cool summer breeze may hold a fond place in your heart – that doesn’t happen without the long road trip. Success in life is the same way. arduous, uncomfortable but always worth it.

How To Find Your Purpose

People often ask me how I got my start. I’m sure they wonder how a kid from the projects grew up to travel the world and rub shoulders with the most interesting people to ever live. While I wish I could tell you, I had a rock-solid plan and blueprint for success – I didn’t. I wrote a poem on Myspace about how I was smoother than The Mack and colder than Robert Beck. That one poem sent me on a mission blog every day, start my own website, and eventually into a journalism career. To clarify, when I started I had no clue this would become my career. My purpose was the write every day about the things on my mind.

Lessons Pick Up Along The Way

I was unfocused, and unsure where my words would take me. Still, as long as I was going in a direction I would be ok. Mark Cuban wrote, “being focused at 21 is way overrated. Now is the time to screw up, to try as many different things as you can, and just maybe you’ll figure things out.”  That’s not to say that being prepared isn’t essential – it is. However, being lost is not a death sentence, either. Keep going and you’ll find your purpose and your destination along the way. That’s the beautiful part of life. Picking a destination then figuring out how to get there. Your purpose will be your vehicle. Your moral code will be your fuel.

Fun fact: Most people with law degrees don’t end up becoming lawyers. Let that sink in. 

You’ll encounter speed bumps, u-turns, and even a few detours but be mindful of the lessons in all of them. On your journey, you’ll figure out what you like, what you love, and what you don’t enjoy. Once you discover that you’re next thought will be how to make money off of your purpose.

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